:: Brass Stacker Installation Videos

Brass Stacker Installation Videos

Video for Mauser

Mauser Scout Scope Mount Installation Video

Brass Stacker™ Anchor Point Series, Mauser Scout Scope Mount Installation Video
Product provides for mounting of scout scope or other long eye relief optics to *Mauser rifles without the need to drill and tap the receiver or make any permanent modifications to firearm. This mount fits the majority of 8mm Mauser variant designs with K98 type recoil lug and rear sight blocks (K98k, M24/47, M48, vz. 24, etc.). Innovative Brass Stacker™ "Anchor Point" design provides superior mount stability. See through design with steel picatinny rail, installs in minutes.

Video for Glock

Trapizoid Grip™ Slide Lock and G27 Recoil Spring Assembly Installation by sootch00

Fun Gun & Gear Reviews Presents: Baby Glock Upgrades. Sootch00 goes through the installation of the Brass Stacker™ Trapzoid Grip™ Slide Lock and Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Assembly for the Glock™ pistols.

Video for Ruger

Brass Stacker Ruger SR22 Drop In Captured recoil guide rod assembly Installation Video

Installation video for the Brass Stacker™ Drop In Captured solid stainless steel recoil guide rod assembly for the Ruger® SR22®.

Video for SKS

Brass Stacker SKS Scout Scope Mount, Anchor Point Series Installation Video

Brass Stacker Anchor Point Series SKS See Through Scout Scope Mount installation video.