HR22 Rifle Sling

The HR22 Series Rifle Sling for Henry H001/H003 Rimfire, H004 Golden Boy, and H006 Big Boy Rifles.

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Old World Meets New World: The Go Low™ Scout Mount

Mosin Nagant Rifle: Steeped in History

Gun enthusiasts and history buffs alike will recognize the Mosin Nagant name. The Mosin Nagant is a rifle that has survived decades, having first shown up in the beginning of the 20th century. This bolt-action, internal magazine-fed military rifle was developed by the Imperial Russian Army and had its heyday in the first and second World Wars. Since then it has sprouted up in various areas around the world, noted for its durability and rugged design.

Conversion Without Machining: The Go Low Scout Scope Mount

Over the years we have found that many of our customers prefer to make adjustments to their rifles without messing with the historical integrity of the weapon. Here at Brass Stacker we have made a point of manufacturing mounts that enable gun owners to make temporary changes, upgrades, and additions to their firearms without doing any welding or machining. In this way, you can add a feature and remove it as you see fit, customizing your weapon to your unique specifications. This ability is a sought-after feature because it allows you to return the Mosin Nagant back to its original form without drilling or taping the rifle receiver.

The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you are a fan of the Mosin in its original, classic form, or you are looking to update it for practical reasons, the Go Low Scout Mount is a great choice. As far as scopes are concerned, you really cannot go wrong with the scout setup. It allows for substantial uninterrupted field of view, fast target acquisition, and you can shoot with both eyes open! Be sure to find this adaptable scope mount and many other great firearm essentials on our website: Brass Stacker.

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We Are Brass Stacker™

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Quality Firearm Parts

Hello and welcome to Brass Stacker! As this is our first blog post, allow us to indulge you a bit in the history of our company. In 2008, the building blocks of what would later become Brass Stacker were created by TGR Enterprises, Inc. We began by making firearm components and worked to obtain our Federal Firearms License. From there we made triggers for the M203 Grenade Launcher for the U.S. Army. That was followed by developing a line of Magazine Loaders, Recoil Spring Assemblies and Guide Rods for semi-automatic pistols. After producing a variety of Scope Mounts for Mil-Surp rifle platforms and other parts/accessories for the pistol market we introduced our Harnessed Slings for lever action rifles – our latest and greatest production yet!

Suffice it to say, we are quite proud of the diverse range of products we carry today! We now focus chiefly on scope mounts for Mil-Surp rifle platforms, parts and accessories for semi-automatic pistols, and harnessed rifle slings for lever action rifles. In addition, we carry Slide Pull for Glock and Springfield Armory® pistols, as well as Scout Scope Mounts for both Mauser rifles and Mosin Nagant rifles.

Dedicated to our Customers

Each and every one of our products are designed and manufactured here in the United States, backed by a 100% Lifetime Warranty. At Brass Stacker we pride ourselves on offering our customers not only a great product, but great customer service too. All of our team members strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction in each and every transaction.

Come and browse our website to discover all of the wonderful items we have for sale! We are eager to help, and will answer every email and phone call with care to ensure your needs are met.

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